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Eni gas e luce is a retail company founded in 2017 and 100% controlled by Eni SpA, the purpose of which is to develop sales of gas, power and energy solutions to retail and business customers.

The company operates in 4 European countries, counting 1,600 employees. In Italy, with around 8 million customers, Eni gas e luce is a market leader in the sale of natural gas and power to households, condominiums and companies.

Eni gas e luce helps its customers choosing the innovative energy products and services which better meet their needs, with the aim of allowing them to use energy better, and to use it less.

The company is present in Italy with the franchise network Energy Store Eni, which counts over 150 stores that offer specialized, tailored consulting.



To submit an idea you will have to fill in a form with:
- Idea description
- Details on the organization proposing the idea
- Idea maturity
- IP rights
- Needs addressed by the proposed idea
- Idea’s strengths and weaknesses
- Advantages that the idea will bring to Eni gas e luce
- Market potential and scalability of the idea
- Competitors’ landscape
In case you wish to provide any additional information, you can add relevant documents as attachments.

No, when you submit an idea you are not automatically qualified within the ecosystem. Indeed, when you submit an idea, we recommend you to qualify yourself within the Eni gas e luce ecosystem. This will give Eni gas e luce the possibility to contact you for possible collaborations.

The idea will be pre-filtered by the Innovation Team and then evaluated by different Eni gas e luce experts, according to the topic of the idea. Eni gas e luce may have the need to contact you in order to ask further information on the submitted solution.

To become part of Eni gas e luce ecosystem you will have to fill in a form with:
- Description of the Company and of its proposed innovative solutions
- Contact information
- List of its main partners and sponsors
- List of relevant customers
- Detailed description of the proposed solutions


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