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15 April


19 May


20 May - 13 June


26 June



The Call for Innovation Smart&Efficient Buildings, launched in partnership with Digital Magics is starting. Let’s develop together new products and services to make buildings more efficient, autonomous, safe and comfortable for people to live in.



Interested Startups and Tech SMEs may apply until 19 May 2019



To Startups and Tech SMEs developing solutions in line with the focus areas of the call and which meet the following requirements:

Technology Readiness Level 4 – 9
Team with at least 3 people
Product/service in beta version
Post-seed maturity level


Italy, as stated in the National Plan for Energy and Climate (PNIEC), intends to pursue an indicative target of reducing energy consumption by 2030 equal to 39.7% (with ambitious values compared to 32% EU). Improving the energy performance of buildings plays a key role, it is enough to consider that the building stock accounts for 40% of the annual final energy consumption and produces 36% of the annual CO2 emissions and that 70% of the buildings were built before the first regulation on the containment of energy consumption, dating back to 1976 (Law no. 373/1976). The energy expenditure of a household budget can be significantly lowered by reducing consumption and maintenance costs (which have an impact of 30%). Energy and digital redevelopment technologies not only enable savings but also the possibility for people to live in more comfortable, secure environments, with integrated services according to their needs.

The initiative is in line with Enis gas's mission and is able to transform the relationship between people and energy, in order to use it less and better. That is why Eni Gas e Lucedi has long pursued the strategic goal that sees the company evolve, from a simple supplier of gas and electricity to an energy advisor to customers, accompanying them towards a more conscious energy use. This is also achieved through the offer of the best energy efficiency solutions for the home, such as Cappotto mio: the energy requalification service for building blocks.

"Smart & Efficient Buildings" aims to contribute to evolving the current ESCo offer throughout the supply chain, to allow people to better live in the environments in which they are living, in order to reduce consumption and emissions, enabling them to become "prosumers" and facilitating the integration of dedicated services.



The aim of the Call for Innovation is to find the best innovative startups and SMEs able to bring innovation to the products/services offered, leveraging both energy-efficient building technologies and digital technologies that intelligently integrate multiple dimensions.

Focus Area

Areas of interest are:

1. Energy efficiency for a sustainable building

Solutions for advanced diagnosis; for the simulation and modelling of interventions; for the improvement of thermal and acoustic insulation; New sustainable materials; Building automation systems; Integrated IOT sensors. Digital solutions for process and performance efficiency through intelligent data analysis. Solutions to enable prosumer communities.

2. Safety and security

Innovative solutions for anti-seismic interventions; for access control, emergency forecasting and management; air quality and environmental conditions monitoring; personal protection

3. Digital Service for a better living

Innovative services designed for the needs of people in their living environment. Mobility and logistics management, assistance and simplification of family management, leisure and home care, these are just some of the areas in which technologies are changing the quality of life in urban centres and which will be represented in the buildings of the future

Technology Area


#Simulation and Information Modeling

#New Materials

#Urban Image Recognition



#Big Data

#Advanced Analytics

#Virtual Reality

#Micro Smart Grid



Selected candidates will have the opportunity to:

  • Present innovative solutions to our top management, to a team of experts from Digital Magics and Eni gas e luce network.
  • Become part of our innovation ecosystem and therefore have the chance to be selected for potential future collaborations/business opportunities
  • Get public visibility through our media and communication channels
  • We also offer to finalists the opportunity to collaborate with us, assessing the technical and commercial feasibility of integrating the proposed solution into the Eni gas e luce services and products portfolio. Finalists will thus have access to skills, market knowledge and will be able to leverage our network and customer base. This collaboration phase may result in a commercial, technological or industrial partnership.



    1. How to participate

    If you are a Startup or a Tech SME believing you have a solution close to what we need, please register to Eni gas e luce Open Innovation portal and fill in the registration form by clicking "Propose your idea". You may be contacted to collect further information or, where necessary, to better understand and deepen your solution.

    2. Selection

    After submitting the application, a team of experts from Eni gas e luce and Digital Magics will carry out an initial evaluation of the solutions presented and, if considered among the best, will give you access to the INNOVATION DAY. Access will be issued during the weeks from 20 May to 13 June.

    3. Pitch competition

    The most promising startups and SMEs, selected at the end of the Call for Innovation, will be invited to participate on 26 June 2019 as part of the INNOVATION DAY held in Milan at Talent Garden Calabiana. The jury will be formed by the Top Management of Eni gas e luce and some key partners. The best teams will be selected that same day.

    4. Co-design

    Finalists will have access to the co-design phase. During this period, they will deepen and focus their solution together with mentors from Eni gas e luce and Digital Magics, in order to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of integrating it in the Eni gas e luce services and products portfolio. The final aim is to define a system of offers for possible business cooperation.


    Digital Magics, listed on AIM Italia (symbol: DM), is a business incubator that supports startups in the Tech world, with services for the enhancement and acceleration of digital business. Digital Magics, Talent Garden and Tamburi Investment Partners have created the most important national innovation hub for DIGITAL MADE IN ITALY, offering innovative startups the support to create successful projects, from conception to IPO. Digital Magics has always been a partner of excellent companies with its Open Innovation services, creating a synergic bridge between companies and digital startups.



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