Energy Efficiency and Smart Use of Resources

We look for solutions to make our customer more aware of their consumption behavior and to promote a more rational and efficient use of energy resources.


Application Deadline

No submission deadline. We are always open for your ideas. Click “Propose your idea” and fill-in the submission form, anytime.


Who is this for

Universities and research institutes, startups, technology and digital SME and established companies.


What are we looking for

We are supporting the transition of the retail energy industry towards energy efficiency by enabling our customers to be more aware of their consumption behavior and by promoting a more rational use of energy resources through energy efficient devices.

We’re looking for solutions that can help our clients to consume better and to consume less while keeping the same level of comfort and satisfaction. Innovations can include, for example, new ways of advising customers about their consumption or technologies that automatically trigger - or intelligently prompt - a more rational use of energy, smart home devices, energy efficient products, technologies for building insulation etc. Solutions can range from hardware, platforms, analytics and algorithms, or include the whole stack of enabling technologies.


What we offer

We offer collaboration and testing agreement, providing support to test the solutions, access to our expertise and assets and the chance to be connected with our network and our customer base. In case of testing success, we might offer a concrete opportunity to scale-up the solutions by signing agreements.

According to our challenges, selected candidates will have the opportunity to:

  • Showcase and pitch innovative solutions to the Eni gas e luce management and expert team
  • Get access to our internal competences and market knowledge to refine and strengthen the solution
  • Have the chance to scale on a local market
  • Join our ecosystem and be eligible for future business relations
  • Get public visibility through our media and communication channels.


In order to be able to consider all interesting solutions, we require a minimum set of information you should provide us to understand and consider your proposal. Any further information to describe your ideas/solutions can be attached and it will be taken into account to better understand and evaluate your proposal.

You might be contacted to collect additional information or, if needed, to explain your proposal more clearly.

If your solution will pass the internal assessment, we will get in touch with you to discuss the opportunity and jointly plan the next steps for a demo and the definition of a collaboration.

By submitting a proposal you indicate that you have read and agreed to Eni gas e luce Terms & Conditions that you can find at this Link.