Do you want to promote your innovation in the energy retail sector? We could be your partner to mentor, test and scale your solution, then… send us your proposal!


Application Deadline

Always On. You can apply at any time, 24/24, 7 days a week.


Who is this for

Startups with innovative solutions in line with our areas and technologies of interest.


What are we looking for

We are continuously looking for startups able to offer innovative solutions, whether they rely on emerging technologies or not, regardless of the level of maturity of the solutions proposed.

In particular, we are looking for potential partners able to support us in identifying and developing innovative technologies and business models in our areas of interest like Energy efficiency and smart use of resources, Energy aggregation and flexibility, Distributed energy generation and storage, Sustainable mobility, Customer experience and insight and Value-added services.

We want to work together and, if possible, establish a lasting and valuable partnership, in order to offer products and services tailored on our customers' needs. We strongly believe that working with startups represents an important lever in order to accelerate the generation of added value through cutting-edge solutions.


What we offer

Through your application to our innovation ecosystem, you could be selected for the development of joint projects, based on emerging opportunities. In particular, if you have the right skills for us, we offer you the possibility to:

  • receive support in the development of your solution, accessing both to our internal expertise and network
  • establish solid and lasting business relationships
  • leverage our assets to scale your solution on the market
  • gain public visibility through our media and communication channels.


We will carefully analyse the submission of your project and, if necessary, we will contact you to gather further information for a better understanding of your proposal, skills and enabling technologies.

If your solution, skills and technologies are in line with our needs, you will become part of our innovation ecosystem.

A panel of Eni gas e luce qualified resources will always have access to our innovation ecosystem and will be able to screen and select the best project based on emerging opportunities.

If you have the right profile at the right time, we will contact you to deepen your proposal and discuss the next steps together.

By applying you indicate that you have read and agreed to Eni gas e luce Terms & Conditions that you can find at this Link